Small Grass-Fire Firefighting

Small Grass-Fire Firefighting.docx Randy Kennedy, an experienced firefighter and rocketeer, has provided this simple breakdown of how to put out a small grass-fire on the rocket range. Please review this handout so you are educated before attempting to put a fire out. DO-NOT try to help if: 1. You are not physically able to help put out a fire. 2. You don't know what you are doing. 3. You are under the age of 18.

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Here is the host hotel information for NARAM 65: Event Summary: NARAM 65 Start Date: Thursday, August 1, 2024 End Date: Saturday, August 10, 2024 (August 10th is check-out day for the hotel - NOT the last day for the event. The last event day is August 9th, 2024) Last Day to Book: Thursday, June 20, 2024 Hotel(s) offering your special group rate: Courtyard Pueblo Downtown for 125 USD per night Book your group rate for NARAM 65 CALL for Reservations: 719-542-3200 ext 2 NARAM 65 Registration All things NARAM can be found here: Registration will [...]

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March 16, 2024 launch NO-GO

Hi all, SCORE's officers have decided that the March 16th launch will be NO-GO. This weather is really good for moisture but even if it's clear Saturday (rain is predicted), we have to be good stewards of the land and not have cars/trucks tearing up the range. Please understand this decision doesn't come lightly. We apologize for the disappointment

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Launch Cancellation 12/02/2023

Good Morning Fellow Rocketeers, Southern Colorado Rocketeers launch is cancelled!   Due to the weather predictions continuing to worsen for Saturday December 2nd, 2034, SCORE will not have a launch. The decision was made based off today's updated weather forecast: Thank you, Jenn Chamberlin Southern Colorado Rocketeers

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A book recommendation from a well versed rocketeer

Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships The History of High-Power Rocketry's Ascent to the Edges of Outer Space A history book by Mark Canepa Back cover list price is US $29.95 ISBN 978-1-4907-9655-0 Trafford Publishing NAR  and Tripoli members may find this rocket history interesting and informative.  Many of you may have lived through the events Mark describes.  Any one know where LOC came from?  This 43+ chapter volume is divided into "3 books" Book I Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (1981-1991) Chapters 1-14,  Book II The Reloadable Revolution  (1990-2001) Chapters 15-29, and Book III Here is your temple (2001-2018) Chapters 30-43. The [...]

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SCORE Saturday July 1st, 2023

SCORE Saturday July 1st, 2023 Launch AnnouncementNo better way to kick off summer than a Rocket Launch and BBQ! Join SCORE Saturday July 1st at the Steely Memorial Launch Site just outside of Pueblo. (See website for exact location and directions.) Waiver 12,000 AGL! Southern Colorado Rocketeers will start the day with set up at 8 am. Club meeting will be held at 830 am. Launch to start at 9 am. BBQ will get going at about 1130 am. Launching can continue till 4 pm or when the wind/weather kicks up. SCORE will provide burgers, hot dogs, and buns. Please consider bringing your favorite side [...]

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Gratitude Good Morning -- John Papp here.  I was not sure where to send this, but I suspect this is probably the right place. My family lost our brother on February 8th.  While he had only recently (within the past year) moved from PA to CO, he was very much into model rocketry and launched in Pueblo as often as his schedule allowed.  When he passed, he took with him all of his model rocketry knowledge re. engines and models and all the rest.  So, when we wanted to do a tribute flight for him this past [...]

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Certify Level One High Power Rocketry

SCORE model rocket launch pad SCORE has a GREAT set up for launching model rockets. Estes Industries makes a line of model rocket kits to build and fly, and is the place where most budding rocketeers start. The kits are made with plastic nose cones, paper body tubes and balsa wood fins, and are easy to assemble. Model rockets, as defined by the National Association of Rocketry, are powered with motors made with black powder as the propellant and are available in “impulse ranges” from A to E. Children and adults, beginners and experts alike build and launch [...]

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The Cedar Maze

SCORE has a spectacularly beautiful place to launch rockets. The area surrounding the launch site is wide open and relatively flat with few trees. Everything east of the launch site, where most of the prevailing breezes drift your rocket, is a recovery dream. Having said this, there is an area northwest and west of the launch site that can be tricky for recovery. I call it, “the cedar maze.” On a September launch day, the wind directions were variable. My rockets ended up drifting in a west-northwesterly direction right into the maze. During this visit, several Level 1 attempts were [...]

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