Small Grass-Fire Firefighting

July 9, 2024|0 Comments

Small Grass-Fire Firefighting.docx

Randy Kennedy, an experienced firefighter and rocketeer, has provided this simple breakdown of how to put out a small grass-fire on the rocket range.

Please review this handout so you are educated before attempting to put a fire out.

DO-NOT try to help if:

1. You are not physically able to help put out a fire.

2. You don’t know what you are doing.

3. You are under the age of 18.

Southern Colorado Rocketeers

Southern CO Rocket Enthusiasts, better known as SCORE, has been flying in the Pueblo, CO community since 2001.  Starting as a low power rocket club, SCORE now supports low, mid, and high power rocketry!

Whether you’re a budding beginner rocketeer or a seasoned, level 3 “go big or go home” high power fanatic who likes to punch a hole in the sky, all are welcome! Even if you don’t launch, come out to watch (and get hooked!) SCORE is a great place to learn! Construction, motors, how to launch, how to recover, our club members have a wide range of knowledge.

Southern Colorado Rocketeers are a NAR Section and a TRA Prefecture. There are rods and rails available for low, mid and high power. Certified and research motors are allowed under TRA safety code.

Volunteers are always needed. If you have achieved level 2 certification with NAR or TRA, you can help inspect rockets for safe flying (Range Safety Officer – RSO) or launch the rockets (Launch Control Officer – LCO) . Other duties during big launches, like the Chili Blaster, require more hands to handle the crowds. Please consider volunteering.

Southern Colorado Rocketeers fly year round on the first and third Saturday every month! (Weather permitting.) Days at our launch site can be warm, sunny and calm, which makes for perfect launch conditions. With a 12,000 ft AGL waiver and 2 NM radius recovery area, a wide variety of rockets and motors can be flown.

We welcome anyone or any group with an interest in model rocketry. 4H, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts all fly free!

Please come join us!

Come Fly with SCORE!!!

Waiver hours have been granted from 0800 (8 AM) through 1600 (4 PM) for the 1st and 3rd weekends of every month. Flight operation times will be subject to change over the course of the year to accommodate weather, special events held by SCORE, etc. Standing waiver: 12,000 ft Above Ground Level (AGL) with 2 Nautical Mile recovery radius. Research Motors are welcome for Tripoli level 2 & 3 high power certified flyers following Tripoli guidelines.

SCORE launch site at Hudson Ranch, looking east

Become a Member!
$20/Individual or $25/Family

Membership includes:
$5 launch fee waived at every Club Launch.
Member pricing for Club Events
Vote in club matters.
A great launch site
Fly every first and third Saturday of the month (weather permitting)
Launch announcements, updates, cancellations, etc. will be emailed directly to you!

How SCORE uses your membership fee:
Youth outreach!
Maintain our launch site.
Maintain launch equipment and systems.
PLUS>>> on site port-a-potty at every launch!

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Next Event!

SCORE hosts NARAM 65!

August 3 @ 8:00 am - August 9 @ 4:00 pm

Resource Library

Articles from members of the club to make your rocketry experience SOAR!

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Check out the All Colorado Rocketry Calendar for all launches in Colorado!