Good Morning —

John Papp here.  I was not sure where to send this, but I suspect this is probably the right place.
My family lost our brother on February 8th.  While he had only recently (within the past year) moved from PA to CO, he was very much into model rocketry and launched in Pueblo as often as his schedule allowed.  When he passed, he took with him all of his model rocketry knowledge re. engines and models and all the rest.  So, when we wanted to do a tribute flight for him this past weekend, we had to ask for a lot of help from the SCORE team at the launch site.  My sister came to town from Pennsylvania and my son came to town from Virginia, and I was anxious about making a successful flight with even one of my brother’s rockets.
I have to say that I am terrible with names, but the support that we received from everyone was absolutely fantastic.  One gentleman in particular came over to our truck, looked at all the rockets, attached the correct motors and gave us tons of great advice.  It really, really, really reminded all of us why we do this — for the camaraderie and friendship and brotherhood.  It was all really very touching and impactful.  And while not every flight was a success, I do think that we at least provided a bit of comic relief!
If you could please pass this along to the SCORE team, that would be fantastic.
Thanks so much,
The Papp Family.