Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships

The History of High-Power Rocketry’s

Ascent to the Edges of Outer Space

A history book by Mark Canepa

Back cover list price is US $29.95

ISBN 978-1-4907-9655-0

Trafford Publishing

NAR  and Tripoli members may find this rocket history interesting and informative.  Many of you may have lived through
the events Mark describes.  Any one know where LOC came from?  This 43+ chapter volume is divided into “3 books”
Book I Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (1981-1991) Chapters 1-14,  Book II The Reloadable Revolution  (1990-2001)
Chapters 15-29, and Book III Here is your temple (2001-2018) Chapters 30-43. The + includes an epilog, 2 appendix, and more,
There are 4 chapters on Rocketry and the US Government.
If you have read any of Mark’s books you probably know how well he writes.
Younger readers may be interested in finding out where this hobby originated.
George W Shaiffer