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Chili Blaster 12SCORE’s 12th Annual Chili Blaster!

  • $20 event fee for each flyer 18 years of age and older.
  • Free for Spectators.
  • Two days of flying low, mid, and high power rockets.
  • 12,000 ft AGL Waiver.
  • NAR and TRA Certifiers will be available.
  • Onsite dry camping. No open flame fires. Friday and or Saturday night. Pack out what you pack in.
  • Food truck(s) during the day.
  • Vendors: Model Rocket Guy, Moto Joe Rocketry, Front Range Rocket Recovery, others still pending.
  • Fun for Family and Friends
  • Free Take-it Fly-it Rocket Booth for 12 and under!

Here is the Boring but IMPORTANT information. Please take time to read:

-Cash, check, and PayPal can be accepted onsite for registration fee(s), shirts, etc. Our PayPal QR and PayPal link takes you directly to SCORE’s donation page.

-Registration is $20 for each individual that is aged 18 and older. 17 and younger fly free but must still be registered! Everyone will be required to wear a wrist band in order to go onto the range. Each Chili Blaster 12 paid registration comes with one free entry into the prize drawing!

-Chili Blaster shirts will be available in two colors and multiple sizes. All sizes and colors are $20. No Shirts will be held, all are first come first serve. Colors: Neon Green and Safety Green (looks bright yellow) Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, and 3X-Large. Each Chili Blaster 12 t-shirt purchase comes with one free entry into the prize drawing!

-If the gate is closed when you come through it, please CLOSE it behind you. If the gate is open when you get to it and there is no sign stating to leave it open, please CLOSE it behind you!

-Standard dumpster will be available. If you end up with large pieces of trash, let’s say oversize boxes etc., please pack it out with you or make arrangements for someone else to. The lid has to be able to close because of livestock and wild animals.

Volunteers Needed Sign Up Here: Chili Blaster Volunteers!


We have canyons northwest of the launch site. Not just rolling hills, actual canyons. Sometimes rockets drift under chute longer than you’d like. If your rocket heads to the tree line, STOP. Get your line of sight. SHOW someone what direction you are heading! If you have a compass and know how to use it – DO. If you know how to drop a pin on your location on a GPS or google maps – DO! Watch your time, know how long you’ve been gone. The longer you are gone the higher the risk. And most important: TAKE WATER!!! Here’s an article with more detail on the canyon area west of the launch site.

Other Hazards and how to minimize your risks:

This list is not all inclusive but we are rocket scientists so use your best judgement to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Sun: sunscreen, hats, protective clothing, easy-ups, hydration, cooling towels
  • Dehydration: drinking water, electrolyte drinks such as body armor and Gatorade, AVOID soda, Drink water, cooling towels, if you aren’t visiting the port-a-potties – you aren’t drinking enough
  • Bugs: bug spray, protective clothing, do not stop and stand on ant hills, look before you pick things up, pay attention to what you might be swatting at.
  • Animals: 1) There are horses on the land. If you cross paths with them, leave them alone and go about your business. 2) Bears, Mountain Lions and Snakes. Yep, no joke. Please take the canyons seriously. There is food, water, and shelter in the canyons and so wild life wanders down from the hills. Please do not go into the canyon without telling someone, it really is better to team-hike!

If you hear what might be crying, turn and go the opposite direction. Mountain Lions make a noise that is similar to the sound of a small child crying. If it is so unsettling that you aren’t sure, get to safety then call: Park Ranger Hotline: (719) 553-2700 OR 911


**DISCLAIMER** Southern Colorado Rocketeers is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged drones. Please read the following rules and restrictions.
  1. Absolutely NO drones over spectators, volunteers, rocketeers, canopies, or vehicles.
  2. All drone activities must be arranged with the club officers prior to launch.
  3. The final safety call will be made by Roaming RSO, Club Officer(s), and the operator of the drone.
  4. The only drone operation that will be considered: A) Before and or after waiver operations within the confines of item one. B) To record a specific flight within the confines of items one, two, and three.
  5. It is the drone pilots responsibility to know and operate within the laws and regulations of the FAA, NAR, TRA, and local ordinances.
Please follow for Updates. Last Update: Sept 10 10:53 AM



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