S.C.O.R.E is a vary active rocket club with launches taking place typically two times a month. We also have monthly meetings where some club business is discussed but mostly rocket related activities take place.

Model Rocket Flying is held on the THIRD SATURDAY of the month on the grounds of the Hudson Ranch. Go 9.5 miles South West on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway) and turn right into the driveway. Follow the signs to the launch site. This is a working ranch so please close the gates. The section has an FAA Waiver to 9,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL). The club provides launch equipment for most model and large model rockets. Those wishing to fly High Power Rockets (HPR) should contact the club if you require special ground support equipment. Flying generally starts at 9 AM and concludes by 1 PM.

     Model rocket flying may also be brought to a location such as a school or church with a suitable area for flying nearby. Please contact the club for additional information.

     There is no charge to fly model or large model rockets. Non club members flying High Power Rockets (those persons required to hold an L1, L2, or L3 license issued by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), Tripoli, or comparable license issued by the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) are requested to pay a $5 launch donation for the day. There are no fees for club members. Call or email the NAR Section for information on becoming a member of the club.  There are club memberships for groups such as CAP Squadrons, churches, youth groups, etc. Please contact the NAR Section about becoming a member of the section.

Flying dates are dependent on weather and drought conditions. Please contact the club prior to launch day.

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